Assent Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd is the  technology independent strategy and IT solutions provider. With strong and longstanding relationships with a number of technology providers, we have experience implementing all major service management tools and solutions

We understand that our clients are seeking to differentiate based on the services. they offer. We focus on the business outcomes of these customer assets through maximizing the enabling resources and capabilities required by the service provider

Extensive knowledge and experience. With more than 10 years of experience in helping clients transform their IT service organization, we have hundreds of certified practitioners helping clients around the world achieve service excellence. Our rigorous recruiting and training processes demonstrate that our people have the customer focus and the technical acumen needed to deliver high performance.
 Assent Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd is a truly global organization. By collaborating with our network of service management professionals and alliance partners, we can make our global talent available to address your business problems locally.

Vendor independence. Assent Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd is the world’s largest technology independent strategy and IT solutions provider. With strong and longstanding relationships with a number of technology providers, we have experience implementing all major service management tools and solutions. By remaining vendor and tool agnostic, we help clients make decisions based on their needs – not ours.

A holistic approach. We combine service transformation, process excellence and tool enablement to achieve high performance. By combining our distinctive consulting, technology and outsourcing capabilities, we offer solutions for all phases of the IT service life cycle.

A robust set of delivery assets. We apply an industrialized approach so that our work is carried out consistently around the world and with less risk. In addition to the Service Excellence Methodology, we offer field tested tools and assets to help drive IT success. These include Assent Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd’s Service Portfolio and Service Reporting assets, a maturity model for Service Excellence Assessments, Service Design modules and Service Asset and Configuration Management capabilities.
Scalable sourcing models. By leveraging our extensive outsourcing experience, we know what it takes to be a high performing service provider and provide guidance on how to implement the right sourcing model

Any effort to achieve IT service excellence must begin with the adoption of a service mindset and a clear understanding of what customers most value. The art of strategic service management is to gain a deep understanding of the desired business outcomes of each distinct customer group, and demonstrate how IT supports these outcomes--rather than focusing on the technology itself.

Because the desired outcomes for distinct customer groups differ from organization to organization, no two journeys to IT service excellence are the same. Regardless of the service ultimately delivered, IT organizations need to be able to manage, monitor and report on IT’s contribution to business outcomes. Assent Soft Solutions PVT LTD   IT Service Excellence helps clients master each stage of the service life cycle— from strategy and design to transition, operation and continual improvement. In addition to providing a real-time assessment of the capability at each life cycle stage, Assent  IT Service Excellence helps clients ensure that  service levels are optimized and service costs are transparent to key stakeholders.

Our Service Excellence methodology is based on three key pillars that span each phase of the service life cycle: Service transformation. This pillar includes guidance on how to design, develop and implement service management as a strategic asset. It also can help client organizations fulfill the desired business  outcomes associated with their service portfolios such as, cost reduction, operational effectiveness and distinctive performance. Service transformation includes key areas of cultural adoption, such as experiential learning, training, development and career paths (e.g. – IT learning academies), team and individual objectives, recognition and reward schemes, communications and other activities to win hearts and minds.

Process excellence. This pillar includes providing capabilities for process design, workflow simulation, procedural guides, job aids and ongoing process improvement (continual and episodic). Process excellence also includes designing, implementing and monitoring key internal metrics and process performance measures, delivering and assessing process training and defining key roles and responsibilities. Tool enablement. This pillar includes providing capabilities for implementing commercial off-the-shelf service management tools and products, automating processes, establishing data and knowledge repositories and creating an integrated service excellence tools architecture