High Scalability
 Superior Flexibility
 Diverse Reporting
 Amazing Support System
AssentSoft  ERP has been developed to be a robust and scalable solution which meets the expectations of growing educational institutions. Campus  ERP is thus suitable for a newly set up institution as well as for an established Schools,Colleges, university with multiple thousand students.
Campus  ERP is a very flexible solution which provides for smooth configuration and customization, based on the customer’s requirement or to suit their existing process.
Better reports mean better decisions. AssentSoft  ERP puts the power of actionable information in your hands. Our intelligent solution offers a full range of reports that can revolutionize the way that you manage operations and develop institutional strategy.
Our top quality support program helps customers to resolve any kind of issues/queries with expediency. We have a dedicated team of support personnel who make post-sales support our core strength.
Admission Management
Streamline and automate entire admission process of your institute 
Examination & Evaluation
Manage exam data efficiently & generate customized report cards

Library Management
Enjoy the benefits of world class book cataloguing & referencing integrated with barcode scanners

Optimized use of your institute's finances with a bird's eye-view of key finance data
Student Information
Manage student data with ease and efficiency

Time Table
Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect synergy between the institute resources and student time
Manage institute student accommodation in a convenient and secure manner

Keep your alumni updated and engaged in institute events & brand building
Student Attendance
Accurately track student attendance & automate your institute's attendance system

Fee & Collections
Streamline & strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment and automatic reminders
Human Resource
Automate your HR activities and keep your institute's workforce happy and motivated

Lesson Planning
Empower your professors to plan and structure the courseware in detail
Student Health
Plan and manage all aspects of student health

Ensure safe and secure student transportation with GPS tracking and system generated SMS to parents
Asset & Expense
Track and control your institute's assets and expenses with accuracy and ease

Avoid inventory shortages and surpluses with better visibility of institute's inventory data