A challenging task for the HR department is to record and maintain an exhaustive list of employee details and retrieve, update and even at times duplicate it from time to time. It is an activity that consumes a lot of time and involves a huge bulk of the paper work. HRMS tries to eliminate all the hurdles for the employee data management through an effective employee management module that is not only comprehensive in itself but is also integrated with the web based employee self service (ESS) portal. HRMS serves as a single point of entry for the employee data. It means that there is no duplication of data entry and employee details can be retrieved or updated with a single click. HRMS  has an extensive number of fields for employee details ranging contact, qualification, and experience to nominees, family information.
  • Create designations, employee types and employee grades as per your requirement
  • Define a list of qualification
  • Define family relationships
  • Import employees from external sources
  • Record information such as joining date, designation, grade organization levels, status, reporting structure
  • Store the contact information and the personal information
  • Maintain a record of educational qualification and its details
  • Details for experience such as company and the number of years
  • Salary details such as current salary, effective grade, assigned structure
  • Payment details of salaries such as payment mode, bank name, bank account number, PAN No. multiple salary applicable, O.T. applicable and external incentive applicable
  • Statutory details for PF and the contribution amount, ESI and LWF details
  • Family details and the nominees with their respective percentages
  • Assignment to an attendance group and imprest type
  • Print or export all the employee details
  • Better employee data management
  • Saves time and resources spent in duplication
  • Reduces the bulk of paperwork
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Quick availability of employee information
For an organization a monitoring system is required for the employees. Monitoring requires timely updates from employees and thus becomes cumbersome at times both for the HR and the employees. RRMS has an efficient attendance management module that ensures that you can keep a track of the attendance of your employees in a smooth manner. Sometimes explicit monitoring tools can have a discouraging impact on your employees. The attendance management module is such that the attendance activity does not hamper the daily activities of your employees. The module includes approval of attendance, manual entry of attendance or importing directly from the punch report. You can also view the monthly attendance report of a person as per his designation, department location and organizational level.
  • Create attendance groups
  • Define tolerance limits for early going and late coming
  • Define limits in terms of the minutes allowed, number of occurrences
  • Monitor the attendance status of each employee for a particular day. Attendance status includes full leave, half leave, weekly off, compensatory off etc
  • Enter the in and out time for employees to calculate total working hours
  • View the attendance  approval status of an employee
  • Approve the attendance for an employee
  • Import punch reports for each day from external sources
  • View monthly attendance reports for each employee
  • Record attendance as per shift settings
  • Define shift settings for the shift timings and the break times
  • Create shift rotation for number of weeks desired
  • Assign shift and attendance groups to employees
  • Create reason master for manual attendance
  • Smooth and efficient attendance monitoring
  • Improved management of employee records
  • Reduce errors and increase the accuracy
  • Single database for attendance of all the employees
  • Make attendance taking hassle free for your HR
  • Reduce duplication by import function
Applying for leaves, waiting for approvals, crediting of leaves and all such related tasks usually involve a lot of paperwork and form filling. An employee has to keep track of the application and the HR department needs to keep track of all the leaves availed by a particular employee in a particular period of time. HRMS  streamlines all these activities to make leave management a smoother task for the HR as well as the employee. It is a comprehensive module that can track all the stages of a leave application and record entries in the required manner. The leave management module in HRMS  consists of activities such as approval of leave applications, entry for leaves availed and leaves credited etc. You can also record the opening balances of leaves along with leave auto credit and debit entries.
  • Manual entry for employee leave availed along with date wise details
  • Approval of leaves
  • Leave credit entry and updating of current balance of leaves
  • Leave auto credit and debit entry directly from the ESS
  • Consider excess leaves as loss of pay
  • Allotment of leaves only after the prescribed time period
  • Maintain leave encashment
  • Better co-ordination with employees for leaves
  • Identify problem areas through reports
  • Improve efficiency of the individual, department through leave tracking
  • Formulate standard procedures for leave management
In a company the loans disbursed to an employee have to be scrutinized from time to time and entries must be made regularly to keep the record up to date. HRMS has a unique and powerful loan management module that facilitates your HR department in performing loan related activities. The loan management module makes loan application and its approvals more transparent and helps maintain a loan master to record the loan entries for all employees. The posting of interest can also be done on time through the system. You can create various loan types, loan entitlement groups and assign the groups to particular grades. Interest slabs for loans can also be defined and the related document types for each loan can be recorded.
  • Maintain the loan opening balance along with the loan type, the amount and the application ID
  • Edit the repayment period, rate of interest, interest calculation method, and the installments
  • View loan applications by employees along with the loan type, loan status and the amount applied for
  • Approve loan applications made by employees
  • Make entry for loan disbursement with the disbursement mode and the disbursement date.
  • Attach the required documents in disbursement
  • Provide for loan prepayment with the prepayment mode and if prepayment is made in part or in full
  • Post loan interest at the predefined rate of interest
  • Automatic interest calculation for Loans with EMI option
  • Auto/manual deduction from pay slips till full recovery of loan
  • Provision of lump sum loan recovery
  • Month wise Breakup Report for installments deducted
  • Management of multiple loan through single deduction from salary
  • Efficient loan management
  • Transparency for the employees and HR department
  • Reduce the time and resources spent in interest calculation and other related entries
  • Streamline loan management processes
The payroll structure in most organizations is complex and consists of a number of components. HRMS can help your HR department define the components and formulate salary structures with ease. With HRMS, maintenance of payroll becomes easy and convenient for your HR department. You can set the monthly value component; calculate overtime data, external incentive payment entry, bonus, arrears etc. This module can enable you to perform multiple salary processing and final settlement.
  • Process salary for employees based on data such as department, organization level, salary date and month, wage type, designation, location and the number of working days
  • Set the variable monthly value component as per top management need
  • Approve, edit or delete salaries that have been processed
  • Calculate over time data for each employee
  • Entry for external incentive payment entry
  • Record any advance payment including advance opening balance, employee advance payment and advance settlement
  • Entry for imprest payment and settlement
  • Calculation of bonus by defining the percentage, maximum and minimum limit, the month it is paid in and the component of salary on which it is to be paid
  • Calculation of arrears with the time period of the arrears and the salary component
  • Define TDS deduction section wise for employees
  • Multiple salary processing can be done for a group with the same salary structure
  • Create the final settlement list for each employee
  • Timely and accurate salary processing
  • Enhance employee morale and productivity
  • Help employees comprehend their salary structures better
  • Better definition of salary components and link them to other factors
  • Standardizing salaries across the organizations as per level or grades
  • Quick report generation of salary for employees reference
With the scope of businesses spreading across geographical areas, employees need to be on the field more frequently. HRMS  has an effective tour management module that can help your HR department make sure your employees can have access to claims smoothly after their tours. The system ensures that tour claims are disbursed smoothly and with proper proofs. This module also has integration with the web based employee self- service. A request for tour can be made and the needed approval can be given through the system. The tour management module can help the HR have a complete idea of where the employees are and what is the purpose of the tour.
  • Sending tour request from the ESS directly
  • Maintain details such as travel class, travel mode, date and places of travel, project for which the tour is being undertaken, and the cost center
  • Approvals can be made to the tour request
  • Maintain tour claims related to tour ID
  • Maintain type of tour expenses and amounts
  • Approval of claims
  • Maintain the tour postings of employees
  • Set the maximum limits for various imprest types and link them with tours
  • Specify the impurest type for each employee on tour posting
  • Maintain the outstanding and the pending amount of impurest for each employee
  • Manage employees better even while they are on tour
  • Ensure easy and quick settlements of claims
  • Optimize employee spending on tours
The bulk of information that has to be maintained by the HR department is not only exhaustive but also has to e accurate. All these details have to be maintained properly to be used in filing of statutory reports prescribed by the government. HRMS  can make this task easy through compliance management. These reports entail a lot of work on the part of the HR department in terms of not only filing the forms but also sticking to the intricate rules defined by the government.
  • Generate all the reports related to PF, PT, ESI, TDS and LWF
  • View statements and challans in print friendly PDF formats
  • Record PF account number and contribution of employee and employer
  • Maintain PT register for each department
  • Record the tax slabs for professional tax
  • Maintain ESI challan
  • TDS deduction for each employee
  • Maintain contribution for each employee to LWF
  • Generate all important reports with a single click at a single place
  • Ensure that form filing is done on time and with the correct procedure
  • Smooth handling of employee related legal issues
  • Streamline the process to meet all compliance
Employee Self Service (ESS) from HRMS is a web based application that works in integration with HRMS  to help organizational employees check their personal information and find answer to all HR related queries via internet round the clock regardless of location disparity. It empowers employees to view and edit their personal information, check payroll details and pay slips, apply for leaves and reimbursements as well as keep themselves abreast of company news, policies, benefits, and time-off balances. 
Employee Self Service portal of HRMS is a synchronization of employee data and payroll system that promises paperless employee data management eliminating administrative exertion and data entry. It creates a single and secured repository of employee data that helps HR department to monitor, record, and share employee activities and related information to immediately review and act upon them facilitating effective and transparent employee management across organization.
  • Web-based system to facilitate 24/7 access from any location
  • Facility to define unlimited employee portal access
  • Manages all employee information such as joining information, contact details, personal information, qualification details as well payroll details
  • Facility to define security and access rules for better data protection
  • Creates admin right for authority to approve and reject employee requests and control master data of users, leaves, attendance, time entries and payroll
  • Facilitates users to submit time off and leave requests online
  • Allows user to view leave balances and check approval/disapproval of leaves
  • Notifies HR personnel of any changes or updates made by employees
  • Generates reports for attendance, leaves, hours worked, overtime, salary etc which can be email or exported to excel, PDF or word
  • Supports multiple branches and location